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Senior College Applications

Steps to College Application

1. Review your unofficial transcript with your Parent/Guardian.  Any changes to the transcript must be given to the Guidance Office

2.  Complete a green TRANSCRIPT RELEASE Form and return it to the Guidance Office.  Transcripts will not be released to college/technical schools without a Transcript Release form on file in the Guidance Office.

3.  Check NAVIANCE to make sure that your LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATIONS are uploaded in NAVIANCE.  If your letters are not uploaded, contact the teachers to inform them you will be applying to colleges shortly.

4.  Schedule a SENIOR MEETING with your COUNSELOR

5.  Begin to fill out your COLLEGE APPLICATIONS.  Applications can be found on the college website.

6. Once you have submitted your application, go to Naviance, move that college from COLLEGES I AM THINKING ABOUT to COLLEGES I AM APPLYING TO.  If you completed a common application be sure to match your common app on Naviance.

7.  Submit your TRANSCRIPT REQUEST FORM to your Counselor.

8.  SAT/ACT scores are not included on the HIGH SCHOOL TRANSCRIPT.  SAT scores must be sent by COLLEGE BOARD and ACT by ACT.  Log on to your account at these websites to send the scores.

9.  Apply for Financial Aid after October 1.  Visit


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