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Student Assistance Program (SAP)

SAP is a group of specially trained Oley Valley High School teachers, administrators, counselors, nurses and a liaison from Caron Foundation.  This voluntary program offers supportive services to students experiencing academic, behavioral and or emotional difficulties that may pose barriers to school success.

The SAP team receives referrals from administrators, faculty, staff, parents/guardians and students themselves.  The team assists students with being bullied or harassed, drug or alcohol use/abuse, attendance/truancy, academic concerns, changes in behavior, personal problems, mental health concerns and other issues which cause a student to struggle in and out of school.  Support services both in and outside of school are recommended by the SAP team, after working with the student and their families to determine the need for services.

All communication is confidential. No one other than the SAP team will know the students involved in this program.



Ms. Kristina Angstadt – Guidance Counselor

Mrs. Tonya Bauer – Teacher

Mrs. AnnMarie Borovik – Guidance Counselor

Mrs. Rebecca Doutrich – Guidance Counselor

Mrs. Gina Finnerty – Principal

Mrs. Angela Marino – Teacher

Mr. Sean Ryan – Assistant Principal

Mrs. Holly Stutzman – School Nurse

Caron Representative

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Oley Valley High School


OLEY, PA 19547

(610) 987-4118


The Oley Valley School District is an Equal Opportunity Employer and Educator who fully and actively supports equal access for all people regardless of Race, Color, Religion, Gender, Age, National Origin, Veteran Status, Disability, Genetic Information or Testing, Family and medical leave, Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity or Expression and prohibits retaliation against individuals who bring forth any complaint, orally or in writing, to the employer or the government, or against any individuals who assist or practice in the investigation of any complaint, or otherwise oppose discrimination. Compliance issues/questions should be directed to the Office of the Superintendent.
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